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Name: Simon Arthur Noal Raven                                                     
Born: 28 December 1927                                                           
Died: 12 May 2001                                                                 
Simon Arthur Noal Raven (1927-2001), was an English novelist, essayist,           
dramatist, raconteur and bon vivant who, in a writing career of forty years,     
caused controversy, amusement and offence. His obituary in 'The Guardian' noted   
that, "he combined elements of Flashman, Waugh's Captain Grimes and the Earl of   
Rochester", and that he reminded Noel Annan, his Cambridge tutor, of the young   
Guy Burgess.                                                                     
Among the many things said about him, perhaps the most quoted was that he had "the
mind of a cad and the pen of an angel". E W Swanton called Raven's cricket       
memoir Shadows in the Grass "the filthiest cricket book ever written"[3]. He has 
also been called "cynical" and "cold-blooded", his characters "guaranteed to     
behave badly under pressure; most of them are vile without any pressure at all". 
His unashamed credo was "a robust eighteenth-century paganism....allied to       
a deep contempt for the egalitarian code of post-war England"