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Name: Mark Bryan                                                                                                 
Born: 6 May 1967                                                                                                 
Mark Bryan (born May 6, 1967) is the lead guitarist for the band Hootie & the                                   
Blowfish. He also plays the mandolin, among numerous other instruments, and                                     
helps with background vocals.                                                                                   
When he was not busy making music with Hootie, Bryan wrote and produced his                                     
first solo album, 30 On The Rail, which was released in March, 2000. Mark has                                   
produced several albums for other artists. These include Thank You Mark for                                     
Danielle Howle, Chances Are for Patrick Davis and Six Times Around the World by                                 
Django Walker.                                                                                                   
Mark is scheduled to release a second solo release, End of the Front in early                                   
fall 2007. Some of the tracks are available on his My Space site at       
and will be available at the Hootie store (, as well as on                        , when the CD is released.                                                                 
End of the Front features Mark's new and refreshingly diverse material. He                                       
enlisted his band mates in The Occasional Milkshake -- his three-piece side                                     
project -- featuring bassist Hank Futch of the Blue Dogs, and Hootie                                             
percussionist Gary Greene. Mark also recruited Fred LeBlanc, drummer, lead                                       
singer, and explosive device of Cowboy Mouth; Jay Clifford and Ward Williams                                     
from Charleston's Jump Little Children; Bela Fleck, and bluegrass icon, Sam Bush.                               
Bryan appears on the 2007 Cowboy Mouth Live DVD, The Name of the Band is Cowboy                                 
Mouth as a guest musician.