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Name: Hideki Tojo                                                                 
Born: 30 December 1884 Tokyo, Japan                                               
Died: 23 December 1948 Tokyo, Japan                                               
Hideki Tojo (December 30, 1884 - December 23, 1948)                               
was a General in the Imperial Japanese Army and                                   
the 40th Prime Minister of Japan during much of World War II, from October 18,     
1941 to July 22, 1944. After the end of the war, Tojo was sentenced to death for   
war crimes by the International Military Tribunal of the Far East.                 
Hideki Tojo was born in the Kajimachi district of Japan in 1884. He was the       
third son of Hidenori Tojo, a lieutenant general in the Imperial Japanese Army.   
Tojo's two older brothers died before his birth. In 1909 he married Katsuko Ito,   
with whom he had three sons and four daughters.