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Name: Vicky Botwright                                                             
Born: 18 June 1977                                                                 
Vicky Botwright (born 18 June 1977, in Manchester, United Kingdom) is an English   
squash player. Although she was ranked fifth in the world at the end of 2005,     
she is more famous for planning to appear on court in a thong bikini style         
outfit of sports bra and thong briefs. WISPA, the Women's Squash authority,       
refused permission. However, her popularity and fame increased after this         
incident. After the incident occurred however, she stated that the whole idea of   
"skimpy" clothing on-court was a publicity stunt dreamed up by the members of     
WISPA. She went on to say that she was selected as the player to wear the         
clothing. She also said that this was not her idea at all, and that she did not   
think the incident would become so infamous.                                       
Vicky also plays in the North West Counties Squash Leagues for her local Team     
Monton, who are in the 2nd Division in the League. However, her appearances are   
rare due to her WISPA commitments.