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Name: Richard Lieber                                                               
Born: September 5, 1869 Germany                                                   
Died: April 15, 1944 McCormick's Creek State Park                                 
Richard Lieber (September 5, 1869 - April 15, 1944) was a German-American         
businessman who became the father of the Indiana state parks system. At his       
death, he could be considered the most powerful spokesman in the United States     
for the conservation of natural resources.                                         
He was born into privilege in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1869. As a young child he   
was largely tutored, due to having tuberculosis that was obtained from a chest     
injury. He was also frequently in trouble due to his free spirited nature. He     
spent time in London, England following his graduation from secondary education,   
due to his parents wanting him to learn the English language. While there he       
spend much of his time going to various museums and historical places; his         
liberal allowance from his parents meant plenty of time to learn English and do   
sightseeing. After his time in London, as two of his paternal uncles were living   
in Indianapolis, Indiana, he decided to go to the Hoosier state in 1891. This     
was with his parents' blessing: they were fearing he was gaining socialism's       
attitudes from his time in London after a Christmas trip back to Düsseldorf. His 
first job in America was working as a reporter for the Indiana Tribune,           
eventually marrying the daughter of the owner. After the sale of the paper, he     
started his own personal businesses.Liking the freedom he felt in America,         
he publicly forsake his German citizenship.