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Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan was the most creative Sarod player of his time. His style of Sarod playing demonstrated the theme of ragas and their different aspects.


Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan was born in 1888. He was a simple and kind- hearted person. He always tried to maitain the tradition of his Gharan. His initial musical education was given byhis father. Hafiz Khan learnt Tsbls, singing and Sarod playing from his father.


After the death of his father, he went to mathura where he learnt Dhamar- singing. Later, he also imbibed the culture of Beenkar Gharana. Considering his vast knowledge in music in the court of Madhoji Rao Scindhai.


He was a pure musician. In thefield of music, he was traditionalist. After 1950, he stopped talking part in music conferences. He died in 1972.