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Name: Rush Limbaugh                                                               
Born: January 12, 1951 Cape Girardeau, Missouri, U.S.                             
Rush Hudson Limbaugh III (born January 12, 1951) is an American radio host,       
author, and conservative political commentator. Born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 
he discusses politics and current events on his program, The Rush Limbaugh Show.   
He has been credited with reviving AM radio in the United States, and is           
considered to have been a "kind of national precinct captain" for the Republican   
Party's Congressional victories in 1994.                                           
Limbaugh was born to Rush Hudson Limbaugh Jr. of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and     
Mildred "Millie" Limbaugh originally from Searcy, Arkansas. His father was a       
lawyer and a World War II fighter pilot who served in the China-Burma-India       
theater. The name "Rush" was chosen for his grandfather to honor the maiden name   
of family member Edna Rush. His family is filled with a number of lawyers         
including his grandfather, father and his brother David Limbaugh. His uncle,       
Stephen N. Limbaugh, Sr. is a Ronald Reagan appointed federal judge in the         
United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri and his cousin, 
Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr., is Judge on the Supreme Court of Missouri. Rush         
Limbaugh, Sr., Limbaugh's grandfather, was a Missouri prosecutor, judge, special   
commissioner and served on Missouri's state House of Representatives from 1930     
to 1932.Limbaugh's grandfather was very well respected as one of the "patriarchs" 
of the Cape Girardeau community. Rush, Sr., passed away at age 104 and was still   
a practicing attorney at the time of his death. Limbaugh began his career in       
radio as a teenager in 1967 in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, using the name     
Rusty Sharpe.