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William Hewlett and David Packard founded an electronics company called Hewlett-Packard. 
The company's first product was an audio oscillator invented by William Hewlett           
named the HP model 200A.                                                                 
What Is An Audio Oscillator?                                                             
An audio oscillator is an electronic instrument used to test sound equipment.             
The HP model 200A was a resistance-capacitance audio oscillator that represented         
a significant advancement in oscillator technology at the time. The Hewlett-Packard       
oscillator used an incandescent bulb as part of the wiring scheme to provide             
variable resistance.                                                                     
Who Were William Hewlett and David Packard?                                               
William Hewlett and David Packard were undergraduate engineering students at             
Stanford University when they first met. They formed the Hewlett-Packard Company         
in 1939 and their first product was the audio oscillator invented by William             
Hewlett in 1938.                                                                         
David Packard thought up the name "HP Model 200A" to make the company appear             
more established.