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After Kabir who enjoyed great name and fame from the so-called low caste was Bhagat Sain. He was born in 1390 in Karnataka but some scholars argue it was 1343.


Bhagat Sain was a follower of Ramanand of Prayag, the pioneer of Bhakti Movement in Northern India. Sain, a barber by birth, used to visit the royal palace to massage the king’s body. But, at nights, he remained absorbed in Divine name. There is a story that one day Sain missed a visit to the royal palace because he was involved in serving guests. Still a man reached the royal place and did his job. Later it was found that it was some mysterious man.


Bhagat Sain devoted his whole life in the name of God. One of Sain’s hymns is as follows: “I am sacrificed into them who are ever absorbed in the aarti of the supreme Lord. O God it is only Thy devotees who recognise you, remember you, and sing your praises.” He breathed his last in 1440, at the age of 50.