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Meyer Guggenheim (February 1, 1828 - March 15, 1905) was the patriarch of what             
became known as the Guggenheim family. He was born in Lengnau, Aargau,                     
Switzerland, was of German Jewish ancestry and emigrated to the United States in           
1847. He started out in the importing business, but made his and his family's               
fortune in mining and smelting. He and his wife Barbara had ten surviving                   
children. Five of his seven sons were active in the family businesses:                     
Isaac (1854-1922),                                                                         
Daniel (1856-1930), head of the family after his father's death, who was the               
most active of his sons in developing and acquiring worldwide mining interests,             
Murry (1858-1939), originally in the lace and embroidery import business and by             
1881, involved in mining and smelting,                                                     
Solomon Robert (1861-1949), a supporter of modern art through his foundation and           
donations to the Museum of Modern Art,                                                     
(John) Simon (1867-1941), a one-term senator from Colorado                                 
Two other brothers were Benjamin (1865-1912), who died in the Titanic disaster,             
and William.