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Name: Theresa Russell                                                             
Birth name: Theresa Paup                                                           
Born: 20 March 1957 San Diego, California, U.S.                                   
Theresa Russell (born Theresa Paup on 20 March 1957) is an American actress.       
Russell began modelling at the age of 12 (when she was discovered by a             
photographer) and made her film debut in 1976 in The Last Tycoon, starring         
Robert De Niro. Russell has since appeared in such films as Straight Time (1978), 
Bad Timing (1980), Black Widow (1987), Impulse (1990), and The Believer (2001).   
Russell recently appeared in Spider-Man 3 as the wife of Flint Marko (Thomas       
Haden Church).                                                                     
Russell was born in San Diego, California and attended Burbank High School.[2]     
She married English film director Nicolas Roeg (born 1928), in 1982 (they have     
since divorced), and has two children, Maximillian Roeg and Statten Roeg. Pete     
Townshend of The Who admits that Russell was the inspiration for their song,       
Athena, which was first called Theresa. She lives in California.