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Name: Robert Arthur Moog                                                             
Born: May 23, 1934                                                                   
Died: August 21, 2005                                                                 
Dr. Robert Arthur Moog (May 23, 1934 - August 21, 2005) was an American pioneer       
of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.             
A native of New York City, Robert Moog attended the Bronx High School of Science,     
graduating in 1952. Moog earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Queens           
College, New York in 1957, another in electrical engineering from Columbia           
University, and a Ph.D. in engineering physics from Cornell University. Moog's       
awards include honorary doctorates from Polytechnic University (New York City)       
and Lycoming College (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)                                     
Moog received a Grammy Trustees Award for lifetime achievement in 1970. In 2002,     
Moog was honored with a Grammy Tech Award, and an honorary doctorate degree from     
Berklee College of Music.                                                             
During his lifetime, Moog founded two companies for manufacturing electronic         
musical instruments. Moog also worked as a consultant and vice president for new     
product research at Kurzweil Music Systems from 1984 to 1988, helping to develop     
the Kurzweil K2000. He spent the early 1990s as a research professor of music at     
the University of North Carolina at Asheville.                                       
He gave an enthusiastically-received lecture at the 2004 New Interfaces for           
Musical Expression (NIME-04), held in Hamamatsu, Japan's "City of Musical             
Instruments", in June, 2004. Moog was the inspiration behind the 2004 film Moog.