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Name: Rudolf Diesel                                                                       
Born: March 18, 1858 Paris, France                                                         
Died September 30, 1913 the English Channel                                               
Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel  (March 18, 1858 - September 30, 1913) was a                 
German inventor and mechanical engineer, famous for the invention of the diesel engine.   
Diesel's parents (Theodor and Elise Diesel) were immigrants living in France               
according to the book by John F. Moon. Theodor Diesel's home town was Augsburg,           
Bavaria (Germany) according to the same book. Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel was             
born in Paris, France in 1858. Rudolf Diesel spent his childhood in France. The           
Franco-Prussian War broke out in 1870. In this war, Prussia was backed by other           
German states including Bavaria against France; afterwards, the German states             
including Prussia and Bavaria except Austria were unified as the German Empire             
in January 1871. Under this background, Diesel's family left France for London.           
Subsequently, Rudolf Diesel moved back to Germany (the newly formed German                 
Empire) and eventually became a German citizen. Rudolf Diesel was educated at             
Munich Polytechnic. One of his professors was Carl von Linde. After graduation             
he was a refrigerator engineer. However, his true love lay in engine design.               
Rudolf Diesel designed many heat engines, including a solar-powered air engine.