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Name: Charles B. Wang                                                                 
Born:August 19, 1944                                                                 
Charles B. Wang (Chinese) (born August 19, 1944) is                                   
the co-founder of Computer Associates International, Inc. (now CA, Inc.) and         
owner of the New York Islanders ice hockey team. He was born in Shanghai, but         
moved to Queens, NY, when he was eight years old. He attended the elite Brooklyn     
Technical High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He earned a bachelor's degree in     
mathematics from Queens College in New York, and began working at Columbia           
University. In 1976, Wang started Computer Associates on credit cards at the age     
of 31. He has since authored two books to help executives master technology:         
Techno Vision (1994, McGraw-Hill) and Techno Vision II (1997, McGraw-Hill). Wang     
retired from Computer Associates in 2002.                                             
He is currently the majority owner of the New York Islanders hockey franchise,       
which he became part-owner of in 2000 and he later bought out the share of           
business partner Sanjay Kumar in 2004, and the New York Dragons Arena football       
franchise. He is the master developer of the Lighthouse, the transformation of       
the Nassau Coliseum and surrounding 77 acres. The project will include a five-star   
hotel; condominiums; an Athletic Complex featuring four ice rinks, a basketball       
facility and state-of-the-art health club that will serve as the Islanders’         
practice facility and also be open to the public; a Sports Technology Center;         
open air plaza; and conference center.                                               
He is also founder of Plainview Properties, a real estate firm which recently         
announced a major development, Old Plainview — a traditional village combining     
townhouses, apartments, offices, restaurants, a Hyatt hotel and recreation space