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Name: Marie Trintignant                                                             
Born: 21 January 1962                                                               
Died: 1 August 2003                                                                 
Marie Trintignant (January 21, 1962 – August 1, 2003) was a French actress.       
She was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, being the daughter of actor Jean-Louis       
Trintignant and his second wife Nadine Marquand. When Marie's baby sister           
Pauline died when Marie was 8, she became withdrawn and virtually stopped           
speaking. Throughout her early life she was afflicted by severe shyness, but       
despite this, by her mid-teens she had decided to become an actress.               
She was the mother of four sons: Roman with drummer Richard Kolinka; Paul with     
actor François Cluzet; Léon with Mathias Othnin-Girard; and Jules with director   
Samuel Benchetrit.                                                                 
Marie Trintignant died of a cerebral edema on August 1, 2003 while on a film       
location in Vilnius, Lithuania after being punched by her boyfriend Bertrand       
Cantat, lead singer for the French rock group Noir Désir. Her death caused         
considerable emotion in France. Bertrand Cantat was sentenced to 8 years in         
prison for manslaughter. He was released for good behavior in October 2007 after   
serving four years. Marie Trintignant is buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery,     
in Paris.