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Name: Margaret Cho                                                                 
Birth name: Moran Cho                                                               
Born: 5 December 1968 San Francisco, California, U.S.                               
Margaret Cho (born December 5, 1968) is a Korean-American comedian, fashion         
designer and actress. Cho is known for her stage performances, recordings, and     
concert movies. Her shows are a mixture of her comedy stylings with strong         
political and cultural commentary. Apart from these shows she has also directed     
and appeared in music videos, and started her own clothing line. She has           
frequently supported gay rights and identifies herself as bisexual, and has won     
awards for her humanitarian efforts.                                               
Cho was born Moran Cho to a Korean-American family in San Francisco,               
California. She was frequently called "Moron" by other children. Cho grew up       
in a culturally diverse neighborhood in the 1970s and 1980s, which she described   
as a community of "old hippies, ex-druggies, burnouts from the '60s, drag queens,   
Chinese people and Koreans. To say it was a melting pot - that's the least of it.   
It was a really confusing, enlightening, wonderful time."                           
Cho's parents, Young-Hie and Seung-Hoon Cho ran a bookstore on San Francisco's     
Polk Street. Her father writes joke books as well as a newspaper column in Seoul,   
Korea. After Cho expressed an interest in performance, she auditioned and was       
accepted into the San Francisco School of the Arts, a performing arts high         
school. While at the school, she became involved with the school's                 
improvisational comedy group.                                                       
Cho’s legal name is Moran Cho. Her stage name is Margaret. Cho is not fluent     
in Korean, but does understand some simple conversation.                           
Cho has dated Quentin Tarantino (who appeared on an episode of her sitcom),         
Chris Isaak, and Garrett Wang. Cho has also spoken about her relationships and     
sexual experiences with women, and identifies herself as bisexual. On               
occasion, Margaret has also described herself as a "fag hag", "queer" because       
she has gay tastes and a gay viewpoint, and—her own word—"slutty". Margaret     
denies being a lesbian, and in 2003, she married Al Ridenour, an artist involved   
in the creation of Cacophony Society and the Art of Bleeding. Margaret was         
featured in an Art of Bleeding performance in March 2006.                           
Cho began getting major tattoo work done in 2006 and has become an enthusiast;     
as of March 2007 she estimates that 15-20% of her body is currently tatooed.       
She was interviewed by comedian Dawn French in her television program Girls Who     
Do Comedy, which profiled 30 female comedians.