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Phoolan Devi was a dacoit-turned-politician. Her life was very eventful. Phoolan was born in 1963. At the age of 11, she was sold by her hapless father into marriage for the price of a bicycle and a cow She was much abused in her in-laws house. Later she was abandoned by her husband.


After that she was kidnapped by a dacoit gang and was inducted as a gang member. She became the mistress of Vikram Mallah, who was later treacherously murdered by a former friend. Then, she started participating in several robberies and ambushes. She was involved in the shooting of 22 Thakur men of Behmai in 1981.


The police was after her. She evaded capture for two years but later surrendered in a public ceremony. She was jailed for 11 years. After her release, she entered the Lok Sabha on the ticket of the Samajwadi Party. In 1995, she launched a new political party Ekalavya Manch. Phoolan Devi was murdered in 2001.