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Name: Amy Davis Irving                                                               
Born: 10 September 1953 Palo Alto, California, U.S.                                   
Amy Davis Irving (born September 10, 1953) is an American actress, known for her     
films Crossing Delancey, The Fury, Carrie and her Oscar- and Razzie nominated         
role in Yentl.                                                                       
Irving was born in Palo Alto, California, the daughter of film and stage             
director Jules Irving (née Jules Israel) and actress Priscilla Pointer. Irving's     
brother is writer/director David Irving (not the British holocaust denier of the     
same name), and her sister is singer Katie Irving. Irving is of Jewish descent       
on her father's side and has Welsh and Cherokee ancestry on her mother's. She         
was raised in Christian Science.                                                     
In the late '60s and early '70s, Irving attended the American Conservatory           
Theater in San Francisco where she appeared in a number of their productions.         
She also trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art,and made her         
off-Broadway debut when she was seventeen.                                           
Irving's screen performances include roles in the Brian DePalma-directed films       
The Fury as Gillian Bellaver, and Carrie as Sue Snell (in which she co-starred       
with her mother), as well as in the 1983 film Yentl (for which she was nominated     
for an Oscar), in Susan Sandler's 1988 film, Crossing Delancey (for which she         
was nominated for a Golden Globe) as Isabelle, and Woody Allen's 1997 film           
Deconstructing Harry. Micki + Maude, directed by Blake Edwards and starring           
Dudley Moore was a hit for her in 1984. She supplied the singing voice for           
Jessica Rabbit in the animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Irving also             
appeared in the television show Alias as Emily Sloane. In the 2000's, Irving         
appeared in Traffic (2000), Tuck Everlasting (2002), Thirteen Conversations           
About One Thing (2002) and an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in         
Irving's stage work includes The Heidi Chronicles, The Road to Mecca, Celadine,       
a world premiere at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ and, more           
recently, the 2006 one-woman play, A Safe Harbor for Elizabeth Bishop, by Marta       
Góes, which was a Primary Stages production at the 59E59 Theaters.                   
Irving starred in the American premiere of Tom Stoppard's The Coast of Utopia at     
New York's Lincoln Center.                                                           
Irving received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her       
performance in the film Yentl, Golden Globe nominations for her performances in       
the films Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna and Crossing Delancey, and an Obie           
Award for her stage performance in The Road to Mecca.                                 
Irving holds the distinction of being one of only two people to be nominated for     
both an Oscar and a Razzie Award for the same performance. Irving was nominated       
for both Best and Worst Supporting Actress for her work in Yentl. Only James         
Coco achieved the same feat for his work in Only When I Laugh.