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Name: John Drew                                                                     
Birth name: Jonathan Henry Drewland                                                 
Born: 3 September 1827 Dublin, Ireland                                               
Died: 21 May 1862 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.                                   
John Drew (September 3, 1827 – May 21, 1862) was an Irish-born American actor.     
Born Jonathan Henry Drewland in Dublin, Ireland to Thomas L. Drew and Louise         
Kanten, he was the fifth of sixth children. He lived in a poor Irish village in     
Dublin, and then moved to America with his family, becoming Irish-Americans.         
After moving to the United States, Drew got a job in the theatrical company of       
Joseph J. Johlen (the theatre manager). He appeared in a number of Johlen's         
plays, including Uncle Mutch, The Barber Man, Canterbury of Livingston and also     
The Progrist.                                                                       
Drew made his first New York appearance in 1846. He played Irish and light           
comedy parts with success in many American cities, and was the manager of the       
Arch Street Theatre.