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Name: Bryan Brown                                                                   
Born: 23 June 1947 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia                               
Bryan Brown (born June 23, 1947 in Sydney) is an Australian actor. Bryan grew       
up in the south-western Sydney suburb of Bankstown. He began working in             
insurance as an actuarial student and started to act in amateur theatre             
performances. There he discovered his passion for acting. In 1964 Brown went to     
England, eventually winning minor roles at the Old Vic, and later returned to       
Australia where he became a member of the Genesian Theatre (Sydney), appearing     
in Colleen Clifford's production of 'A Man for All Seasons', and later joined       
the Queensland Theatre Company. He made his first appearance in cinema in 1977,     
with a small role in The Love Letters From Teralba Road. During the next two       
years he played in several more Australian films.                                   
In 1980, Brown became known to the international audiences for his performance     
in Breaker Morant. Although he went on playing roles in Australian productions     
for several years more, he appeared also in American TV mini-series, after         
winning popularity in the United States in A Town Like Alice (1981). For The       
Thorn Birds (1983), starring Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward, he was           
nominated for an Emmy. Several years later he starred in several films which had   
international success, like Tai-Pan, with Joan Chen, Gorillas in the Mist, with     
Sigourney Weaver, and Cocktail, with Tom Cruise.                                   
In the 1990s and more recently, Brown went on appearing in American and             
Australian TV productions and occasionally also in movies. He has also appeared     
in British TV commercials.                                                         
He has been married to actress Rachel Ward since 1983. He met her while shooting   
the TV miniseries The Thorn Birds in the same year. Rachel and Bryan have three     
children, Rosie, Matilda and Joe.                                                   
Bryan Brown's production company made the series Twisted Tales and Two Twisted;     
both are similar to Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The second series had an             
additional twist in that both stories in each episode were connected in some way   
and the audience had to try and spot how.                                           
He is one of the rare Australian actors who regularly gets to play parts of         
Australians and almost always retains his accent for the role. In fact, Tai-Pan     
is the only film in which he does not play an Australian. (Also, his role in the   
TV series Against the Wind called for an Irish Accent.)