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Zona Gale (August 26, 1874-1938) was an American writer. She was born at Portage, Wisconsin (which she often used as a setting in her writing), and attended Wayland Academy at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Later she entered the University of Wisconsin, from which institution she received a Bachelor of Literature degree in 1895, and four years later a Master’s degree.


After graduation Gale wrote for newspapers in Milwaukee and New York. However, before long she gave up journalism to focus on writing. She then published her first novel “;Romance Island"; and began the very popular series of “;Friendship Village"; stories.


In 1912, Gale moved back to Portage, which she would call call home for the rest of her life, although alternating with trips to New York.


In 1920, she published the novel Miss Lulu Bett, which depicts life in the Midwest. She adapted it as a play, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1921.


In 1921, Zona Gale took an active role in the creation of the Wisconsin Equal Rights Law, which prohibits discrimination of women.