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Name: Charles F.C. "Chuck" Ruff                                                   
Born: 1939                                                                         
Died: 2000                                                                         
Charles F.C. "Chuck" Ruff (1939-2000) was a prominent American lawyer based in     
Washington, D.C., and was well-noted as White House Counsel, defending President   
Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial in 1999 over Lewinsky scandal and       
Paula Jones case .                                                                 
Ruff was a graduate of Swarthmore College and Columbia Law School (1963). During   
his career he worked in the United States Department of Justice; during the       
Watergate scandal, he served as a special prosecutor who investigated President   
Richard Nixon. He was the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia     
for some time, and was legal counsel to Bill Clinton. He aided in the defense of   
Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas's Supreme Court confirmation hearings.           
When Ruff died at 61, he was a partner at the law firm of Covington & Burling.