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Burnett, Murray                   
Born: 1911 AD                     
Died: 1997 AD, at 86 years of age. 
Nationality: American             
1911 - Murray Burnett was born.                                                   
1940 - His experiences in Vienna inspired him to write a play in the summer       
about a cynical bar owner of Cafe American in Casablanca, Morocco named Rick.     
Rick eventually helps an idealistic Czech resistance fighter escape with the       
woman Rick loves.                                                                 
1943 - Koch and the Epsteins received an Academy Award for best screenplay, very   
little recognition was given to Burnett and Alison.                               
1944 - Burnett also wrote the play Hickory Street, based on his experiences as a   
teacher, which opened on Broadway.                                                 
1952 - He wrote, produced, and directed many radio plays, including the ABC       
series Café Istanbul with Marlene Dietrich as Mlle. Madou.                         
1991 - Everybody Comes to Rick's was produced by David Kelsey on the Whitehall     
theatre in London.                                                                 
1997 - Murray died on the 23rd of September in New York City.