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E. Annie Proulx (born August 22, 1935) is an author who is best known for her       
second novel, The Shipping News (1993), which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction   
and the National Book Award for fiction in 1994.                                   
She was born in Norwich, Connecticut and received her Bachelor of Arts from the     
University of Vermont in 1969. She got her Master of Arts from Sir George           
Williams University in 1973 and pursued, but did not complete, her Ph.D.. She       
started out as a journalist and did not begin writing fiction until she was in     
her 50s.                                                                           
She won the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction for her first novel, Postcards.         
A few years after receiving a lot of attention for The Shipping News, she had       
the following comment on her celebrity status:                                     
It's not good for one's view of human nature, that's for sure. You begin to see,   
when invitations are coming from festivals and colleges to come read (for an       
hour for a hefty sum of money), that the institutions are head-hunting for         
trophy writers. Most don't particularly care about your writing or what you're     
trying to say. You're there as a human object, one that has won a prize. It         
gives you a very odd, meat-rack kind of sensation.