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Name: David Samuel Peckinpah                                                       
Born: 21 February 1925 Fresno, California                                         
Died: 28 December 1984 Inglewood, California                                       
David Samuel "Sam" Peckinpah (February 21, 1925 – December 28, 1984) was an     
American film director who achieved iconic status following the release of his     
1969 Western epic The Wild Bunch. He became one of the major filmmakers of the     
1970s through his innovative and explicit depiction of action and violence, as     
well as his revisionist approach to the Western genre. Peckinpah's films           
generally dealt with the conflict between values and ideals, and the corruption   
of violence in human society. His characters are often loners or losers who       
desire to be honorable but are forced to compromise in order to survive in a       
world of nihilism and brutality. Peckinpah's combative personality, marked by     
years of alcohol and drug abuse, has in many ways overshadowed his professional   
legacy. Many of his films were noted for behind-the-scenes battles with           
producers and crew members, damaging his reputation and career during his         
lifetime. Several of his films, including Straw Dogs (1971), Pat Garrett & Billy   
the Kid (1973) and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974), remain             
controversial to this day.