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Kazi Nazrul Islam is another great poet of Bengal. When still a school student in his teens Nazrul joined the newly recruited Bengali regiment (1916) and was sent to Mesopotamia some months before the armistice. The regiment was not given a chance to face battle but all the same Nazrul got his fill of the fighting gusto which later-found expression in poetic effusion and warmth. His first two significant poems , Pralayollas (Exhilaration at the Final Dissolution) and Vidroho (Rebellion) appeared early in 1922 and his first book of poems Agnivina (The lute of fire) was out before the year was over.


The book was received with an enthusiasm never experienced in India before or since. After that he joined the Kollol group and wrote mostly deft and pungent verse and songs galore. He produced more than twenty books of poetry and songs and some fiction and plays. some of his later poems were good but the fire of agnivina was already quenched.


Nazrul was an emotional soul but his emotion was unstable and volatile. Those who came in personal contact with him were moved by his irresistible enthusiasm and sincerity. But his literary output falls far short of his merit , except the early poems in Agnivina. After Agnivina his best known books of poems and songs are Dolonchampa(1923) , Biser Bansi (The Poisonous Flute ,1924), Bhangar Gan (Songs of the Break-up, 1924), Puber Haoya (The East Wind, 1925) and Bulbul(1928).