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The son of actor/playwright Jason Miller and the grandson of comedian Jackie Gleason, the handsomely chiseled actor Jason Patric moved from New York City to California at the age of 16. Ever since his debut role as a drug-addicted teen for the ABC movie Tough Love, the hunky actor has preferred to play intense characters.


He would nearly perfect the sexy, brooding man in many serious dramas and thrillers throughout his career, while trying to maintain privacy by refusing to talk about himself in interviews. After the unsuccessful Solarbabies, his gave his breakthrough performance in the teen classic The Lost Boys as the reluctant vampire Michael. He then gained starring roles as a soldier in the war movie The Beast and as an ex-boxer in the crime drama After Dark, My Sweet. Moving on to horror, he was chosen to portray Lord Byron in Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound. In 1991, he gained some critical recognition – and a beard – for his role as a drug-addicted narcotics officer in Rush, opposite his moody counterpart Jennifer Jason Leigh.


The same year he was dragged into the tabloids for his affair with Hollywood sweetheart Julia Roberts. She had broken off her engagement with Kiefer Sutherland and ran off to Europe with Patric, causing a disruption to his enigmatic public persona. Taking some time off, he returned for Geronimo: An American Legend with Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall.