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Name: Katie price
B-Day: 22 / 5 / 1978
Born: Brighton, U.K.
Skills: Model / Singer


Alternate Name: Jordan katie price was born May 22, 1978, and grew up in the seaside town of Brighton in Sussex, England. The decision to embark on a modeling career came after a friend suggested a session with a professional photographer. The pictures were sent to an agency in London and to katie price astonishment, katie price was invited to participate in a photo shoot. Katie soon signed a contract and became a Page 3 sensation, changing katie price name to Jordan soon thereafter.


As katie price popularity grew, katie price relationship with an electrician began to decline and the couple parted in 1997. Other dalliances included football star Teddy katie price ringham and showjumper Oliver Skeete. In 1998, katie price met and fell instantly in love with Gladiator Ace a.k.a. Warren Foreman of British television fame. This relationship soured when Foreman became envious of the attention Jordan received while entertaining British troops in Kosovo. One of katie price more publicized relationships was with Dane Bowers, lead singer of Anotkatie price Level, whom katie price lived with.


Although katie price had become an established model, Jordan was insecure about katie price chest size. Believing that implants would look better, katie price neglected the advice of friends and family and had the surgery nonetheless. The result was an increase in size from B to D. The dramatic journey leading up to the procedure was chronicled in every tabloid newspaper in the UK. Following the successful operation, Jordan decided never to pose for Page 3, although the Sun in particular had long since instituted a policy of using only natural girls.


She has since shifted katie price focus to a career in music, training with a vocal coach and utilizing katie price contacts gained via katie price relationship with Bowers to land a record deal. Whether katie price’s singing or posing (which katie price does on the cover of Play..boy’s September 2002 issue), we’re likely to see a lot more of Jordan.


We could hold Katie Price in contempt for representing the worst of show business and celebrity. Instead we choose to reward katie price for not being ashamed of who katie price is: a young girl from a small town who dared to dream the impossible dream and take katie price clothes off in an attempt to launch a lucrative career in the recording industry. Bravo! katie price has displayed amazing resilience in the face of the ravenous English press, staving them off with guile and wit. Many a young glamour model would have caved in years ago.


Hard to imagine that this busty bombshell didn’t develop her…proportions, until the age of sixteen when they blossomed out. After a friend suggested she submit some photos, the contracts to do some tabloid modelling fell in katie price lap and she changed her name to Jordan. Still insecure about katie price…proportions, she had breast implants and went from an average 34B, to a busty 34D and has not regretted ever since…yet. Ever more anxious to move onto bigger and better things, she is currently working on developing a singing career. With katie price looks and katie price age, katie price’s perfect in the role of a sexy British pop sensation.