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Tony Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in New York to Emanuel and Helen Schwartz on June 3, 1925. His parents were Hungarian Jews, his father was a tailor and his mother ran the front store. Bernie’s brother Julius came in July 1929, and tragically was hit by a truck and killed in 1938. The Schwartz family moved around New York a bit and times were tough. Emanuel and Helen had another son, Robert, in 1940.


Bernie went into the Navy in 1943. After the Navy, Bernie joined the Dramatic Workshop of the New School and left in 1948 for California with a plane ticket and request from Universal Studios. a few films, a name change and….Movie history is made!


Tony moved his family to California in 1949. After establishing himself in the industry as a up and comer, he married famed actress Janet Leigh in 1951 and the couple had two daughters, Kelly and Jamie Lee. Tony then began to branch out into more satisfying roles. The marriage broke up in 1962 and Janet married stockbroker Bob Brandt while Tony married actress Christine Kaufmann. Third child Alexandra was born in 1964 and fourth child Allegra arrived in 1966. Sadly, Tony again divorced in 1968. Leslie Allen was Tony’s next wife. First son and fifth child Nicholas was born in 1971. Last child and second son Benjamin was born in 1973.


Alas, Leslie and Tony split. Tony took some time to deal with a substance abuse problem and then began to write novels. Tony then found a love of art and began painting. Tony has had his time of sadness. Tony’s brother Robert passed away in 1992. Tradegy struck again in 1994, Tony’s son Nicholas died. Tony braved the waters of marriage a fourth time to Lawyer Lisa Deutsch in 1993. They, too, divorced.


Congratulations to Tony on his latest marriage to Jill Vanden Berg! Tony and the equestrian Jill married on November 6, 1998.


Is this guy a survivor or what?


No wonder he is such a fine actor. His own life has been like a movie with marriages, children, divorces, problems, happiness, you name it! Through it all, Tony has kept striving and working and making life the best it can be.