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Name: Bennett Miller                                                                       
Born: 30 December 1966                                                                     
Bennett Miller (born December 30, 1966) is an Academy Award-nominated American             
film director. Bennett was born in New York City and has known writer Dan                   
Futterman and actor Philip Seymour Hoffman since their childhood. He and                   
Futterman were classmates at Mamaroneck High School.                                       
Miller is the director of the feature Capote (2005) and the documentary film The           
Cruise (1998). He has also directed television commercials and music videos,               
most recently for Bob Dylan's, "When the Deal Goes Down." Miller was nominated             
for the 2005 Academy Award for Directing (for Capote).                                     
On September 20, 2006, Miller was announced to direct Paramount Vantage's The               
Immortalist, a "contemporary, character-driven drama set in the world of life-extension".   
Miller is featured in a special feature of the DVD edition of Knocked Up; he               
plays the role of the director of the director (Judd Apatow) in a mockumentary             
of the directing of the film.