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  Name: Julie Ordon.                                                                               
  Born: June 27, 1984.                                                                             
  Birth place: Geneva, Switzerland.                                                               
  Know as: Baby-faced Swiss  Victoria's Secret  model of  the early  2000's.                       
  Julie Ordon (born June 27, 1984) is a Swiss model born in Geneva, Switzerland.                   
  She became a  familiar face to Victoria's  Secret catalog readers  early in the  21st century.   
  She was one of the main characters in the 2003 movie Inquietudes                                 
  from director Gilles Bourdos. She  has appeared in                                               
  ads for  L'Oreal, DeBeers  and many  other products,  especially in                             
  Europe. Off-camera she has dated actors Stephen Dorff and Mark Wahlberg