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Rajkumari Amrit Kaur was born on February 2,1889 in Lucknow. She was the daughter of Raja Harnam Singh of the Kapurthala royal family. She received her higher education in England.


After completing her education, she came in contact with Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Mahatma Gandhi. After that she entered the freedom struggle of India. She became an ardent Ghandian. She actively took part in the Salt Satyagraha started by Gandhi. In 1937, she was arrested on the charges of sedition.


Rajkumari Amrit Kaur gave equal importance to social welfare, as well as politics. In 1938, she became the President of All India Women’s Conference. In 1945 (Lowland) and 1946 (Paris), she participated in the UNESCO’S conference as a member of the Indian delegation. In 1947, she joined the central cabinet as the Minister of Health. For her contribution to the upliftment of women and eradication of social evils, she will be an ideal for generations to come. She passed away in 1964.