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Indian’s first western Guru, The Mother, born on February 21, 1878 in Paris , France , to an Egyptian mother and a Turkish father. Her real name was Mira.


Right from a very young age, she knew her purpose on earth was not at all ordinary. She used to chant ‘om’ without any knowledge of India , the eternal sound coming naturally from her lips. She found herself imbued with strange powers. She could talk with fairies and being from the world hidden behind ours. As a teenager, she learnt piano, painting and higher mathematics. By the grace of the God she discovered her past life.


In 1914, she met sri Aurobindo to whom she had seen in her dream a decade ago. She believed that human species, as it likes to believe, the last stage of evolution. Just as humans emerged from the monkey due to an evolutionary crisis, so also, the edge of another evolutionary crisis. The question being ‘after human kind what? ,