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Mahavir Swami was one of the noble saints of the world who gave up kingly comforts and worldly pleasures for the cause of humanity. He was born in 599 B.C. in a village called Kunda in Bihar. His childhood name was Vardhamana. At the age of five, he was sent to Gurukula for higher education. Mahavir led a family life up to the age of 30 and thereafter, he left his home in search of supreme knowledge.


It took almost twelve years of hard meditation under considerable physical suffering that Mahavir attained enlightenment or supreme knowledge. He travelled far and wide, expanding his knowledge and subsequently his perceptions of the world at large. He was known as Mahavir, as he was freed from the boundaries of sadness and joy, pain and pleasure.


He founded Jainism - a religious sect. He preached absolute nonviolence in daily life. Among all of his teachings, non-injury to living beings is regarded as the highest religion. He died in 527B.C. at Pawapuri in Bihar.