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While Kylie Bax isn’t a very big name in the world of celebrities, she seems poised to break out as in November, she will appear nude in Playboy, posing in a way in which she told Craig Kilborn, will be the raunchiest naked pictures ever seen in the magazine. Time will tell if she was just trying to hype the layout or not, considering a friend told the New York Post “It’ll be a celebrity thing like Naomi [Campbell] and Cindy [Crawford] - done really nicely.” Why is she getting topless and bottomless for the rag? “I want my children and grandchildren to see what I look like now.


” And unlike other Playmates, Kylie says very little retouching is needed with her body. In the earlier days of her modeling career, Kylie had a look that was more boyish than the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue bikini model that she transformed herself into. Kylie is known for her amazing breasts, and she told Howard Stern during a recent appearance (which she naturally showed up braless!) when asked if men actually walk up to her and ask if her boobs are real or not and they’ll feel them while they’re asking, which she confirmed and said it really bothers her.


Kylie was born January 5, 1975 in Thames, New Zealand around a family in an upper class setting where her parents owned, and still own, a horse farm. Kylie had followed in her mother’s footsteps by modeling, though her success in the profession has greatly eclipsed that of her mother. She was discovered in a shopping mall by Clyne Model Management in New Zealand but soon headed for the modeling mecca of New York, where she fell under the guidance of Karl Lagerfeld, whom transformed Kylie into the ‘boyish’ look, with dyed and shortened hair. Kylie went to the Steven Meisel school of modeling. She’s since moved on from modeling to branch out into film and television.


Kylie’s been cast in small parts films such as Storm Catcher with Dolph Lundgren, The Big Tease with Craig Ferguson, and Boys and Girls, where she played a Supermodel alongside her peers Kristy Hinze, Ines Rivero, and Renate Verdaam. Next year she’ll be in Getting Over Allison with the red-hot actress Kirsten Dunst. Bax has also regularly appeared on MTV as a celebrity judge in Say What Karaoke. She hasn’t forgotten about horses though, as she owns a 100-acre ranch in Kentucky to breed racehorses, as well as her homes in New York and Los Angeles.


Kylie’s sex life was an open book on her recent appearance with Howard Stern. She raised eyebrows when she told Stern that her and former boyfriend Marcus Schenkenberg had anal sex and that she enjoyed it. While Marcus seemed to have ditched Kylie for Pamela Anderson, Bax told Howard that in reality they didn’t have an exclusive relationship so they weren’t really boyfriend and girlfriend, more like sex partners. Other’s lucky enough to be Kylie’s bedmates, or rumored to have been at least, have been Donald Trump, Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall, Jayson Williams (though Kylie insists the two are just friends), and most recently, NHL hunk Sheldon Souray.


Kylie showed up to the post-premiere party of Boys and Girls with Sheldon. Of her relationship with Williams, Kylie was pictured sitting in his lap but she said it was only because he wanted to show off that his broken leg wasn’t crippling him. Jayson has admitted to having a sex with groupies - including a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who woke him in his Phoenix hotel room at 1:30 a.m. after a game, which kind of fits Kylie’s description but she told Howard that she doesn’t date married guys, and that she gets along better with men than women.


Kylie has been seen out so often in New York a recent Page Six column openly wondered if she is out only to get her name mentioned in the papers… well, if that’s the case, better her than the likes of Puffy Combs or the all time master of press attention, Donald Trump! To her credit though, when she is out the, she’s said that she doesn’t smoke weed, drink booze, nor is she bulimic.