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Name: Robert Smith                                                                   
Born: 12 June 1802                                                                   
Died: 21 December 1867                                                               
Robert Smith (June 12, 1802 - December 21, 1867) was a U.S. Representative from       
Illinois, nephew of Jeremiah Smith and Samuel Smith of New Hampshire.                 
Born in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Smith attended the public schools and New       
Ipswich Academy. He taught school. He engaged in mercantile pursuits in 1822 and     
in the manufacturing of textile goods in Northfield, New Hampshire in 1823. He       
studied law. He was admitted to the bar and practiced. He moved to Illinois and       
settled in Alton in 1832 and again engaged in mercantile pursuits.                   
Smith was elected captain in the state militia in 1832. He was an extensive land     
owner, and engaged in the real estate business. He served as a member of the         
Illinois House of Representatives from 1836-1840. He was elected enrolling and       
engrossing clerk of the Illinois House of Representatives in 1840 and 1842.           
Smith was elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth Congresses     
and reelected as an Independent Democrat to the Thirtieth Congress (March 4,         
1843-March 3, 1849). He served as chairman of the Committee on Roads and Canals       
(Twenty-ninth Congress).                                                             
Smith was elected as a Democrat to the Thirty-fifth Congress (March 4, 1857-March     
3, 1859). He served as chairman of the Committee on Mileage (Thirty-fifth             
Congress). He served as paymaster during the Civil War. He died in Alton, and         
was interred in Alton City Cemetery.                                                 
Smith attended an event in Greenville, Illinois in 1858 in which Abraham Lincoln     
and Stephen Douglas gave speeches around the time of the Lincoln Douglas debates.