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Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Amar Bose attended Abingdon Senior High         
School before going on to the elite school known as MIT, Massachusetts Institute     
of Technology. He actually gained admissions to the school using a work-study       
program. There, he studied electrical engineering and earned his bachelor’s       
After graduation, he had various experiences. He spent a year in the Netherlands     
at NV Phillips Electronics and then he spent another year as a Fulbright student     
in India. It was in India that he would meet his first wife. They later divorced.   
When Bose returned to the states and MIT, he began researching acoustics. His       
interests allowed him to invent a loudspeaker. Amar Bose captured two patents       
early on that would prove instrumental in the success of the company that he         
With investors ready to take a chance on Bose; including a former MIT professor,     
Dr. Y.W. Lee; he could start his company which is what he did in 1964. He would     
go on to have a profound interest in the products that would find their way into     
the Bose inventory. This included products that he developed through speaker         
technology, headphone technology and psychoacoustics.                               
The company that Amar Bose built now stands with over ten thousand employees         
producing home, auto, and professional sound. Even though Amar Bose realized         
phenomenal success with his Bose Company, he chose to teach at MIT and remained     
there until 2000. His current wife is a Bose Corporation senior manager.