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MICHAEL DOUGLAS is an Oscar®-winning actor and producer with a gift for choosing projects that reflect current trends and public concerns. Among his earliest successes was his role as Karl Malden’s sidekick in the police series “The Streets of San Francisco,” which became one of the highest-rated primetime programs in the mid-1970s. Douglas earned three successive Emmy Award nominations for his performance and directed two episodes of the series.


Long interested in making a film version of Ken Kesey’s novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Douglas purchased the movie rights from his father, Kirk Douglas, and formed a partnership with Saul Zaentz to produce the film. The 1975 release won Academy Awards® for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress, and went on to gross more than $180 million at the box office. Douglas’ next producing project, “The China Syndrome” (1979), was a controversial thriller that was nominated for three Academy Awards®.


Douglas resumed his acting career in the late 1970s, starring in “Coma, Running, It’s My Turn, The Star Chamber” and “A Chorus Line.” He once again became an actor/producer with the 1984 hit “Romancing the Stone” and was named Producer of the Year in 1984 by the National Association of Theater Owners. The following year, he re-teamed with his “Romancing the Stone” co-stars Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito for “The Jewel of the Nile.”