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During the 1980s at a time when brat packers were ruling the big screen, Matthew Modine set himself apart from his peers though a series of impactful performances that capitalized on his versatility, corn-fed all American looks, and idiosyncratic persona. His work in the trio of mid-eighties masterpieces Birdy, Full Metal Jacket, and Married to the Mob illustrate Modine’s tremendous range, his intuitive physicality, and his talent for breathing believability into even the quirkiest of characters.


Born in 1959, the youngest of seven children Modine grew up watching movies; his father was a drive-in theatre operator. Forced to move often because of his father’s work, Modine no doubt took comfort in the constancy of film, and his prolonged exposure eventually led to his decision to become an actor. Moving to New York at age 18, he studied with Stella Adler, worked as a chef, got married (in 1980 to wife Caridad) and began getting regular commercial work.