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Dean George Cain was born on July 31, 1966 in Mt. Clemens, MI (USA) to actress Sharon Thomas and Roger Tanaka, who separated before Dean was born. He is of Welsh, French-Canadian, Japanese and Irish heritage and was raised by his mother and his step-father, director Christopher Cain (Young Guns; The Amazing Panda Adventure) in Malibu, California. Dean has an older brother Roger and a younger half-sister Krisinda. Here’s Dean (1981) at the age of 15 at the Malibu Park Junior High School.


Dean never planned on being an actor. His dreams were always about sport: volleyball, surfing, and especially football. “The film industry was nothing I ever really thought about,” he says. A football star at Santa Monica High, Cain planned to get a degree, play professional football.


Dean doesn’t want people to think he’s a babe without a brain.
“A lot of beautiful people are stupid. There’s tremendous amount of idiots who look so good
it’s frightening. But if people perceive me as some kind of idiot,
that’s their mistake.” A big mistake.
Because Dean is one of the smartest studs in Hollywood.
- (Young & Modern, May 1996) -


After graduating from Santa Monica High School in 1984, he was offered 17 athletic scholarships, all of which he turned down in favor of Princeton University, where he majored in history - played in the football team, and was even signed to play for the Buffalo Bills. Three days before his first preseason game, Dean suffered a knee injury that ended his NFL career. Back in California, rehabilitating from surgery, he began writing again.


His only taste of acting came in 1984 in his father’s film ‘The Stone Boy’, in which he had a small but important part as a boy shot in a hunting accident, leaving his brother and parents (played by Robert Duvall and Glenn Close) to deal with the tragedy.


His dad assured him that a lucrative screenwriting career but to make ends meet, Dean started acting in commercials. He was in 35 commercials in 4 years to include Bally’s, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, McDonalds, Brut, Bud Light, Frosted Flakes, JCPenneys - several Kellogg’s, Budweiser. In 1992 he landed a part in the TV-Series “Beverly Hills 90210″ in a Paris based scene where he played Brendas (Shannon Doherty) boyfriend, Rick. He is probably best known for his role as TV’s Superman ("Lois & Clark” from 09/12/1993 to 06/14/1997), but is currently the host and producer for the TBS show Ripley’s Believe It Or Not ("Ripley’s” is produced by “Angry Dragon Entertainment (ADE)", which Dean created with his friend Mike Carr).


An accomplished writer as well as an actor, Dean is actively pursuing both careers. In addition to working on a number of feature-film scripts, Cain wrote, directed and produced the ABC special, “Off Camera With Dean Cain", and has written two episodes of “Lois & Clark.” He is also in possession of a deal with Columbia Tri-Star TV to write, direct, produce, and star in a series of television movies.