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DAVID WENHAM’s most recent film credits include THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, BETTER THAN SEX (2000) and THE BANK AND DUST, His chilling lead performance in the critically acclaimed Australian feature film THE BOYS (on which Wenham was also associate producer) received an AFI
Nomination for Best Actor and a Film Critics Circle of Australia Nomination. Wenham’s other feature credits include the title role in director Paul Cox’s FATHER DAMIEN and in A LITTLE BIT OF SOUL. He has
also appeared in DARK CITY and the Australian features COSI, IDIOT BOX  and GREENKEEPING.


Wenham’s charismatic “Diver Dan” in the Australian hit television series SEA CHANGE, THE (1998) won him an AFI Nomination for Best Actor in a Television Drama in 1998 and cult status within Australia. In 1997, he won an AFI for Best Actor in the drama series SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR’S BABIES. Wenham’s extensive theatre credits include ART directed by Matthew Warchaus, as Cleante in director Barrie Kosky’s TARTUFFE, and
as Laertes in HAMLET and as Sebastian in THE TEMPEST, both for director Neil Armfield’s Company B. Wenham has previously worked with Baz Luhrmann in the script development workshops for WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S ROMEO AND JULIET (1996).