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Name: Henry John Heinz                                                             
Born: 1844 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.                                         
Died: 1919                                                                         
Food manufacturer, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. When he was eight       
years old he began peddling surplus home-grown vegetables to neighbours, and by   
1860 he was making three wagon-load deliveries of his vegetables a week to         
Pittsburgh grocers. In 1869 he formed his first partnership selling grated         
horseradish, but by 1875 they were bankrupt. The next year, with his brother and   
cousin as partners (providing the initials in the company's name) and himself as   
manager, the F & J Heinz Co was launched. It manufactured pickles and condiments, 
and introduced their tomato ketchup (still a best-seller) in 1876. In 1888 the     
company was reorganized as the H J Heinz Co, and by 1896 Henry had invented the   
phrase 57 varieties. The company incorporated (1905), with Henry as president.     
By his death he had thousands of employees at 25 separate factories and was       
processing the harvest from over 100 000 acres.