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Name: Budd Boetticher                                                             
Born: July 29, 1916 Chicago, Illinois                                             
Died: November 29, 2001 Ramona, California                                         
Budd Boetticher (July 29, 1916 - November 29, 2001) was a film director during     
the classical period in Hollywood most famous for the series of low-budget         
Westerns he made in the late 1950s starring Randolph Scott. Known for their       
sparse style, dramatic rocky locations near Lone Pine, California, and recurring   
stories of a lone man seeking vengeance amidst a brutal and abstract landscape,   
the films have, decades after their release, come to be known as some of the       
most important Westerns ever made, often compared to the works of existential     
writers or to narratives from the Old Testament. Unfortunately, to date, only     
Seven Men From Now has received a special edition DVD release, and almost all of   
Boetticher's most acclaimed films, including Ride Lonesome, The Tall T, Comanche   
Station, Decision at Sundown, and Buchanon Rides Alone, are widely unavailable.   
Boetticher was raised in the Midwest, born in Chicago, and was a star athlete at   
the Ohio State University. After college he traveled to Mexico, where he learned   
the art of bullfighting. A chance encounter with Rouben Mamoulian landed him his   
first film job, as the technical advisor on Blood and Sand (1941).