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Arnold  Schwarzenegger was born as the son of a policeman in Graz. Because he wanted to get into the local  soccer team, he started to workout.  Already at thios time was his destiny to obtain a perfect body and  muscles. In 1965, when he joined the  Austrian Army, his commanding officer withheld the pass to leave the base to  take part in some stupid bodybuilding contest.  Arnie deserted, won the trophy and was thrown into military jail when  returning. It was only then, that the  senior officers took a closer look at the trophy, which happened to be the top  position of Mr. Universe junior! After that, he was officially allowed to  train during his year of service.


From then on he earned one title after  the other. In 1968 he won the  International Powerlifting Championship and decided to move to the USA.


Arnold Schwarzenegger became Mr. Universe twice and Mr. Olympia each year from 1970-75. His body was his success. But Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t an example  for all muscles no brains. He also  holds an academic Business degree and is known for his smartness concerning  business and money matters.


In 1970 he was starring in his first  movie, the b-picture ‘Hercules goes to New York’. In 1982 he got the lead role in ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and  ‘Terminator’, starting his career as a convincing actor in action moivies. Obsessed with money Schwarzenegger obtained  a business degree from the University of Wisconsin and started investing his  earnings. He invested his money in real  estate, making a fortune and married Maria Shriver in 1986. By this he married into an influental  American family: the Kennedy famiuly.  In 1991 he acted in ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’, his most successful  movie ever. Arnold Schwarzeneggers is  one of the most famous Austrians living in the States and his influence in  Hollywood is very strong. His trademark  is the frequent moivie line ‘I’II be back’ or other comic punchlines. With films like ‘Twins’ or ‘Total Recall’  Schwarzenegger gained acclaim for his acting, too.


In 2003 he not only starred in  ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’ but also announced his intention to run  for the elections for the office of Californian Governor. On the 8th October 2003 he won those  elections becoming one more successful actor turned politician of American  history. He is alsdo livinhg proof that  you do not have to speak English with a flawless accent to religve the American  dream and rise from dishwasher to millionaire.