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Name: Jane Wyman                                                               
Birth name: Sarah Jane Mayfield                                                 
Born: 5 January 1917 Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA                               
Died: 10 September 2007 Rancho Mirage, California, USA                         
Jane Wyman (January 5, 1917 – September 10, 2007) was an Academy Award and   
Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated American actress. Her most prolific     
appearances in film came in the 1940s and 1950s and included her best known film
roles in Johnny Belinda, for which she won an Oscar, and Magnificent Obsession 
opposite Rock Hudson. The actress became known to new generations in the 1980s, 
not only for her leading role as the malevolent matriarch Angela Gioberti       
Channing on the hit prime-time soap opera Falcon Crest, but because of her prior
marriage to Ronald Reagan, a former actor who became President of the United