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Name: Stevie Wonder                                                                             
Birth name: Steveland Hardaway Judkins                                                           
Also known as Little Stevie Wonder                                                               
Born: 13 May 1950 Saginaw, Michigan, United States                                               
Stevie Wonder (born Steveland Hardaway Judkins on May 13, 1950, name later                       
changed to Steveland Hardaway Morris) is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,   
and record producer. A prominent figure of 20th century popular music, Wonder                   
has recorded more than thirty top ten hits, won twenty-five Grammy Awards (a                     
record for a solo artist), plus one for lifetime achievement, won an Academy                     
Award for Best Song and been inducted into both the Rock and Roll and                           
Songwriters halls of fame. Opera star Luciano Pavarotti once referred to him in                 
a concert as a "great, great musical genius".                                                   
Blind from infancy, Wonder signed with Motown Records as a pre-adolescent at age                 
twelve, and continues to perform and record for the label to this day. He has                   
nine U.S. number-one hits to his name and album sales totaling more than 100                     
million units. Wonder has recorded several critically acclaimed albums and hit                   
singles, and writes and produces songs for many of his label mates and outside                   
artists as well. A multi-instrumentalist, Wonder plays the piano, synthesizer,                   
talk box, harmonica, congas, drums, bongos, bass guitar, organ, melodica, and                   
clarinet. In his early career, he was best known for his harmonica work, but                     
today he is better known for his keyboard skills.