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Name: Jelly Roll Morton                                                           
Birth name: Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe                                             
Also known as Jelly Roll Morton                                                   
Born: 20 September 1885 or, 1890 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA                     
Died: July 10, 1941                                                               
Genre(s): Rag-time, Classic Jazz, Dixieland, Jazz, Blues, Swing music             
Occupation(s): Vaudeville comedian, bandleader, Composer, Arranger               
Instrument: Piano                                                                 
Years active: 1900 to 1941                                                       
Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton (September 20, 1885 or October 20, 1890 - July 10, 
1941) was an American jazz pianist, bandleader and composer whom some call the   
first true composer of jazz music. Morton was a colorful character who liked to   
generate publicity for himself by bragging. His business card referred to him as 
the Originator of Jazz, and during his life he was regarded as a source of rare   
historical information, despite his penchant for hyperbole.