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Name: Erin McKeown                                                                           
Born: October 15, 1977                                                                       
Erin McKeown (b. October 15, 1977) is a multi-instrumentalist and folk-rock                 
McKeown began her career in the folk scene. She released her first album, Monday             
Morning Cold, on her own label (TVP Records), travelling throughout New England             
while still a student at Brown University in order to promote the record.                   
Although she had begun studying ornithology, she graduated from Brown with a                 
degree in ethnomusicology.                                                                   
McKeown's music is difficult to categorize in terms of genre; it has touched on             
pop, swing, rock, folk, and electronic music, as well as many other genres. She             
continues to perform regularly, spending much of her time touring throughout the             
world with artists such as Ani DiFranco, Josh Ritter, the Indigo Girls, Martin               
Sexton, Andrew Bird, Thea Gilmore, Melissa Ferrick, and others. McKeown took                 
part in Queerstock, a music festival dedicated to promoting GLBT musicians.[1]               
Early in her career, she also collaborated with Beth Amsel, Jess Klein, and Rose             
Polenzani; the four of them performed as Voices on the Verge.                               
McKeown's 2005 album, We Will Become Like Birds (produced by Tucker Martine),               
served as a departure from her earlier work, with a more rock-oriented sound.               
Her latest release, Sing You Sinners, was released in Europe on the 23 October               
2006 and in the United States on January 9, 2007 by Nettwerk Records LLC. It                 
consists mostly of covers of jazz standards from the 1920s through 1950s.                   
Monday Morning Cold (TVP Records) (1999)                                                     
Distillation (Signature Sounds) (2000)                                                       
Grand (Nettwerk Records) (2003)                                                             
We Will Become Like Birds (Nettwerk Records) (2005)                                         
Sing You Sinners (Nettwerk Records) (2006)                                                   
Lafayette (Live) (Signature Sounds) (2007)