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Name: Jessica Dawn Lynch                                                           
Born: 26 April 1983 West Virginia                                                 
Jessica Dawn Lynch (b. April 26, 1983, Palestine, West Virginia) is a former       
Quartermaster Corps Private First Class (PFC) in the United States Army. Lynch     
became famous after her widely publicized recovery by U.S. special operations     
Lynch, along with major media outlets, have since accused the United States       
Government of fabricating this story as part of the Pentagon's propaganda effort   
to manipulate the American and global public opinion into accepting and           
sympathizing with the 2003 invasion of Iraq.                                       
Nearly every aspect of her rescue story is disputed.[citation needed] Accounts     
of the events in between Lynch's capture and her rescue were incomplete and       
contradictory, and Lynch herself has no clear recollection of this period. Dr.     
Greg Argyros, assistant chief of the Department of Medicine at Walter Reed Army   
Medical Center where Lynch was treated, stated, "[A]nytime anybody goes through   
a traumatic event of any kind, there is the risk that they may have a period       
that they don't remember what happened."                                           
On April 24, 2007 she testified in front of Congress that she had never fired     
her weapon her M16 rifle jammed, as did all weapons systems assigned to her unit, 
and that she had been knocked unconscious when her vehicle crashed. She woke       
up later in an Iraqi hospital. She accused the media and the military of lying     
for their own gain. She said during her testimony, "They should have found out     
the facts before they spread the word like wildfire."