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Name: Mark McGwire                                                                       
Born: 1 October 1963                                                                     
Mark David McGwire (born October 1, 1963 in Pomona, California) is a former             
professional baseball player who played the majority of his Major League career         
with the Oakland Athletics before finishing his career with the St. Louis               
McGwire was a prolific power hitter throughout his career. In 1987, he broke the         
single-season home run record for rookies, with 49. In 1998, McGwire broke the           
single-season home run record by hitting 70, but his mark was eclipsed by Barry         
Bonds with 73 in 2001. For his career, McGwire averaged a home run once every 10.61     
at bats, the lowest at bats per home run ratio in baseball history (Babe Ruth is         
second at 11.76).